The cost-conscious user

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Cost-conscious clients expect a solution to address their communication needs and base their purchase mainly on financial considerations.

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Balancing price and performance

A hearing aid is an investment, regardless of the price segment. Cost-conscious clients seek a solution that provides quality, reliability, and useful features while matching their financial needs. Their main expectations are:

  • Low investment
  • Improved communication
  • The ability to communicate in presence of some background noise
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and durability

Our cost-conscious solutions

Phonak Baseo Q and Tao Q are ideal solutions for your cost-conscious clients. They offer Quest performance with outstanding first-fit acceptance. The robust Baseo (BTE) and the discreet Tao custom product families, include WhistleBlock feedback cancellation, NoiseBlock and directional microphones. They are all programmable with the easy-to-use Phonak Target fitting software.

Phonak Baseo™ Q

Baseo Q family

Our basic BTE family blends quality sound and reliability for the cost-conscious client.

Phonak Tao™ Q

Tao Q family

Our Basic custom hearing aid family offers discretion, quality sound, and great value.