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Roger Classroom Dynamic SoundField DigiMaster

Hearing in the Classroom

In order to learn, a child must be able to hear the teacher's voice clearly. Classroom noise and other factors make this challenging even for children with normal hearing, and especially for those with hearing loss.

Phonak has developed a way to bridge the understanding gap in two ways: by amplifying a teacher's voice, and by transmitting the teacher's words directly to the student's hearing aids. The benefits of Phonak classroom solutions include:

  • Students’ listening and speech understanding skills improve.
  • Less speaker repetition required
  • Enhanced class instruction and management
  • Less teacher vocal strain

Our Solutions for the Classroom

Enter the world of Roger classroom and personal amplification and learn how amplifying a teacher’s voice can lead to improved student performance and less stressful teaching.

Roger inspiro™

Roger inspiro with iLapel

This wireless microphone, designed for teachers, is the core component of the Roger system for enhancing speech understanding in the classroom.

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Roger™ Receivers

Roger 15 Receiver

Roger receivers come in multiple styles to allow children with almost all types of amplification (hearing aids and cochlear implants) to have access to the Roger quality listening in the classroom.  

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Roger™ Dynamic SoundField

Soundfield array

Roger Dynamic SoundField, together with Roger inspiro, amplify the teacher’s voice to the entire class and ensure all children and students can enjoy Roger-quality speech understanding.

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Roger™ Focus

Roger Focus SlimTube

A discreet behind-the-ear receiver for children with normal hearing, attention or auditory processing issues, brings speech directly into a child’s ears for better understanding.

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Additional Resources for Schools

Child Hearing Assessment Toolkit

C.H.A.T. is a tool for educational audiologists, hearing resource teachers and teachers of the deaf.

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Reference Guides for teachers

Designed to make your working life easier by answering the product questions we're asked the most.

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How to use Roger

Whatever Roger product you use, find video guides that will help you get the most from this technology.

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Studies and reports

Evidence on how wireless microphone technologies such as Roger can benefit students with hearing loss.

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