Using ComPilot Air II

Use cases

Using ComPilot Air II for phone calls

ComPilot Air II connects to a any Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone wirelessly for hands-free phone use. Please make sure to complete the pairing and connection procedures.

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ComPilot Air II for phone calls

Using the ComPilot Air II as an audio streamer

Stream audio wirelessly to the hearing aids from any Bluetooth enabled audio source, e.g. Phonak TVLink, mobile phones or tablets.

ComPilot Air II with TVLink II

Using ComPilot Air II with a Computer / Laptop

Connect the Phonak ComPilot Air II easily to a computer for IP telephony, e.g. Skype calls, or listening to music through hearing aids. Click here for detailed instructions.

Guide: Connecting Phonak ComPilot to PC/Laptop

using the Sennheiser BTD 500 adapter, REF: 076-0856