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International Pediatric Conference in Shanghai 2014

Date: April 12th & 13th, 2014    
Location: Shanghai, China    
Sponsor: Phonak    

Event Materials

Session I - Fundamentals of Pediatric Assessment

Presentation: Behavioural audiometry in infants and young children

Alison King

Presentation: Frequency specific auditory brainstem response audiometry basis for habilitation

Suzanne C. Purdy

Presentation: Integrating diagnostic information

Kirsty Gardner-Berry

Session II - Hearing Devices for Young Listeners

Presentation: Guidelines for determining hearing aid output hearing aid features and fitting parameters for children

Jace Wolfe

Presentation: Special considerations for hearing aidfitting in young children

Presentation: A review of the benefits of SoundRecover for children

Andrea Bohnert

Presentation: Beyond hearing aids benefits of using remote microphone technology and other solutions for children

Jace Wolfe

Presentation: Successful outcomes for children in educational settings using FMs

Session III - Benefits of Hearing Devices for Infants and Children

Presentation: Longtitudinal outcomes of children with hearing instruments findings from the LOCHI study

Teresa YC Ching

Presentation: A clinical approach to validation hearing aid fittings in infants and young children

Marlene Bagatto

Presentation: The importance of accurate behavioural testing in infant hearing aid fittings

Andrea Kelly

Presentation: CI in a young adult with mild - normal hearing thresholds

Kirsty Gardner-Berry, Anne-Marie Crowe and Isabelle Boisvert

Session IV - Cochlear Implants and Speech Perception

Presentation: Cochlear implants new developments and considerations for chinese speakers

Kathy Lee and Michael Tong

Presentation: Assessment of speech perception cross linguistic considerations

Lena L. N. Wong

Presentation: The influential factors on the rehabilitation for hearing impaired children with cochlear implant


Presentation: Early spoken language development following pediatric cochlear implantation

Sigfrid D. Soli

Session V - Managing Pediatric Populations with Complex Hearing Difficulties

Presentation: Diagnosis and Management of ANSD Outcomes of Cochlear Implants versus Hearing aids

Gary Rance

Presentation: Current issues in audiory processing disorders

Siti Mukari

Session VI - Creating New Opportunities for Children with Hearing Loss

Presentation: Telepractice in pediatric audiology expanding audiology horizons for children with hearing loss

De Wet Swanepoel

Presentation: Developing countries developing hearing health

Bradley McPherson

Presentation: Training professionals insights from All Ears Cambodia

Ned Carter