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A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification

28 - 31 March 2021: all sessions with live Q&A
31 March - 30 June 2021: all sessions available, recordings only

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Sunday, March 28 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 3:15 PM Conference Opening: Welcome & Introductions (15min)
Anne Marie Tharpe (USA) & Marlene Bagatto (CAN)
3:15 - 3:20 PM Introduction of Keynote Address (5min)
Anne Marie Tharpe (USA)
3:20 - 4:05 PM Keynote Address - Steve Lomber
Impact of Congenital Hearing Loss on Brain Development (45 min)
4:05 - 4:15 PM Break  
4:15 - 5:15 PM Virtual Poster Session with live Q&A  
4:15 - 5:15 PM Networking at the Phonak Lounge  
from 5:15 PM All 5 Sessions open to watch:  

Session 1: Minimizing Listening Challenges in Children with Hearing Loss

Session Chair: Dawna Lewis

  Quantifying Listening-Related Fatigue in Children with Hearing Loss : An Update on the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale (30min)
Ben Hornsby (USA)
  Optimizing children’s learning in noise and other places (30min)
Andrea Pittman (USA)
  Practical Considerations for Optimizing Remote Microphone Benefit for School-age Children (30min)
Jace Wolfe (USA)
  Use of Roger technology in the homes of children with hearing loss (30min)
Carlos Benitez-Bererra (ESP)
  Extended Bandwidth Hearing Aid Fittings for Children (30min)
Susan Scollie (CAN)
  Pediatric fittings and big data – what we know now and what we hope to learn (30min)
Angela Pelosi (CH)

Session 2: Edges of Technology Candidacy

Session Chair: Andrea Bohnert

  The effects of early acoustic hearing on spoken language and literacy for pediatric cochlear implant recipients (30 min)
Lisa Davidson (USA)
  Transitioning from hearing aids to bimodal hearing: evidence-based guidelines for borderline cochlear implant candidates (30min)
Rene Gifford (USA)
  Rethinking gray areas in hearing aid candidacy for children (30min)
Ryan McCreery (USA)
  Listening effort in school-aged children with unilateral hearing loss: Can RM(FM) and/or CROS help? (30min)
Ilze Oosthuizen (ZAF)
  Bridging the time gap between new-born screening and behavioural assessment (30min)
Kevin Munro (UK)

Session 3:  Case Conference &  cCMV - A Preventable Cause of Hearing Loss

Session Chair: Marlene Bagatto (CAN)

Case Conference (75min)
Marlene Bagatto (CAN)
Dawna Lewis (USA)
Patricia Roush (USA)

  Should we screen newborns for congenital CMV?  Ethical and legal considerations (30min)
Ellen Wright Clayton (USA)
  Universal and Targeted Approaches to Newborn Hearing Screening for cCMV (30min)
Karen Fowler (USA)
  The Power of Individual Advocacy: Utah’s Congenital Cytomegalovirus Public Health Initiative and Beyond (30 min)
Karl White (USA)

Session 4: Pediatric eHealth

Session Chair: Patricia Roush

  Capturing real-world aided outcomes using ecological momentary assessment with children (30 min)
Danielle Glista (CAN)
  Access all Areas: Getting the most out of hearing tech and mobile devices (30 min)
Michael Harrison (AUS)
  HA: Supporting Parent Hearing Aid Management Practices (30 min)
Karen Munoz (USA)
  mHealth-supported hearing and vision care for preschool children (30 min)
DeWet Swanepoel (ZAF) 

Session 5:   Focus on Families and Children

Session Chair: Janet DesGeorges

  Evidence Based Family-to-Family Support:  From Theory to Practice (30 min)
Janet DesGeorges (USA)
  The Power of Peers:  Connecting Teens with Hearing Challenges (30 min)
Carrie Spangler (USA)
  Phonak Teen Panel (60min)
Moderator: Carrie Spangler (USA)
  Introduction of Endnote Address
Endnote Address - Cynthia Morton 
Steps to a Genomic Future in Newborn Hearing Screening (45min)
  Closing Remarks
Anne Marie Tharpe (USA), Marlene Bagatto (CAN) and Angela Pelosi (CH)

Monday, March 29 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Live Q&A of all Session 1 presenters:

  Ben Hornsby (USA)​  
  Andrea Pittman (USA)​  
  Jace Wolfe (USA)​  
  Carlos Benitez-Berrera (ESP)​  
  Susan Scollie (CAN)​  
  Angela Pelosi (CH)​  
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Live Q&A of all Session 2 presenters:

  Lisa Davidson (USA)  
  Rene Gifford (USA)  
  Ryan McCreery (USA)  
  Ilze Oosthuizen (ZAF)  
  Kevin Munro (UK)  

Tuesday, March 30 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Live Q&A of all Session 3 presenters:

  Marlene Bagatto (CAN)  ​
  Dawna Lewis (USA)  ​
  Patricia Roush (USA)  ​
  Andrea Bohnert (GER)  ​
  Karen Fowler (USA)  ​
  Ellen Wright Clayton (USA)  ​
  Karl White (USA)  
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Live Q&A of all Session 4 presenters:

  Danielle Glista (CAN)​  ​
  Michael Harrison (AUS)​  ​
  Karen Munoz (USA)​  ​
  DeWet Swanepoel (ZAF)​  ​

Wednesday, March 31 (EST time zone)

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Live Q&A of all Session 5 presenters:

  Janet DesGeorges (USA)  ​
  Carrie Spangler (USA)  ​
  Cynthia Morton (USA)  ​