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‘Well-Hearing is Well-Being’ – A strong scientific connection

An international adult conference

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Phonak is excited to announce a virtual symposium taking place online from May 30th with Live Q&A on June 2nd

Hearing well goes beyond the ability to simply hear sounds clearly. It’s linked to a greater state of social-emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. This bigger picture, with taking action to treat hearing loss as a catalyst for well-being, is what Phonak refers to as “Well-Hearing is Well-Being”.

Selected speakers from among the world’s distinguished experts will share the latest research and clinical best practices for hearing care professionals to ensure clients understand the importance of hearing well for their overall all well-being. This conference aims to stimulate thoughtful interactions among attendees and speakers on topics related to:

  • Family-centered care
  • Social-emotional impact of hearing loss 
  • Benefits of amplification of cognitive function
  • Hearing loss and physical activity

To guarantee the best possible experience to all participants, all presentations will be subtitled in English and live captions will be provided for the Q&A session. Learn more about the latest developments in this emerging scientific field which continues to gain momentum.

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Registration fees

Please register for the live symposium under the following link before 28th May or 31st August to access the recordings.

Registration fee:

  • $30 USD per person
  • $15 USD per student*

*Please send student confirmation to: phonak.conference@phonak.com

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CEUs (AAA & IHS) will be applied for.