Asistencia de Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium

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Packshot Virto B 10 pair (S)
Packshot Virto B-Titanium

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User Guide: Phonak Virto B-Titanium


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Guide: Phonak Wireless Fact Sheet

Phonak Belong™ wireless hearing aids


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What is Biometric Calibration?

Biometric Calibration starts by extracting over 1600 individual data points from the client’s ear impression. This data is then compared to an ear model algorithm that knows how differences in pinna anatomy can affect the sound before it arrives at the microphone. The client’s anatomy is compared to the model and the difference between the two is calculated.  The resulting beamformer knows how the individual’s ear has reflected the sound before it arrives at the microphone. 

Will AOV-O be available for Virto B?

No, AOV-O is for Virto B-Titanium only. As titanium is a robust material, the shells can be printed at 0.2 mm. This allows us to leverage the additional space inside the shell to create a bigger vent for cases that would benefit from a more open fitting. As this additional space is not available with acrylic shells, AOV-O cannot be accommodated in Virto B acrylic models. 

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User Guide: Virto B-Titanium


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