Phonak eSolutions

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Phonak eSolutions is a suite of Phonak app- and web-based services used to facilitate the practice of eAudiology. This provides a selection of remote based services, as well as solutions that offer greater user autonomy.


With the Marvel platform Phonak is introducing a new digital service platform called eSolutions.

Phonak eSolutions provide great user autonomy for an engaging customer care. eSolutions tools can be seamlessly integrated into the HCPs current service delivery and clients hearing journey.  Most importantly, clients have more freedom and flexibility which may result in a more satisfactory hearing experience.  


Phonak offers a host of digital tools for hearing care professionals that can use to generate clients leads, to apps and services where clients can provide hearing aid information as well as adjust their hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Screener

An easy online hearing test that can be integrated into any hearing care professional website.


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Phonak Hearing Diary

An easy way for clients to communicate and share their hearing aid experience with their hearing care professionals.

Access via myPhonak app

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Phonak Remote Support

Remote Support allows you to assist and support your clients listening needs in real-time. 

Access via myPhonak app  

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eAudiology - the growing impact of eHealth

eHealth is a growing segment and regarded as the future for health care services. This trend within healthcare is driven by cost, user behavior and ever advancing technological capabilities.

The shift to eAudiology is based on innovative technologies and services. At Phonak, we know that eAudiology will change the way you provide services to your clients. By providing up-to-date and evidence based resources and insights from key opinion leaders in the field, you can offer effective and elevated patient-centered products and services.

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STeP - The secure and powerful engine that enables eSolutions

eSolutions is powered by the Sonova Technology ePlatform (STeP) - an advanced end-to-end cloud powered hearing healthcare platform. STeP  powers and protects our digital tools, making them secure and easy-to-use.

STeP is convenient  and dynamic thanks to its open architecture, which acts like a hub that is able to connect with existing and future business solutions. With this platform, we aim to revolutionize services within the hearing healthcare segment by empowering people and securely keeping them connected with reliable technology.

The latest smartphone apps for your client

myPhonak app


Stay connected with your clients and adjust their hearing aids remotely in real-time.