Roger™ Clip-On Mic

Use cases

Beautyshot Roger Clip on Mic

Speech understanding in noise and with one speaker

This wireless microphone allows clients to fully focus on a conversation partner. Optimal for places such as small cafés or grocery stores where multiple sounds and voices make it difficult to understand one-on-one conversations.

Roger Supermarket Roger Clip-On Mic

Understanding over distance

Clipped onto the speaker’s clothing or worn around the neck, this wireless microphone allows your clients to better understand an individual speaker or sound source over a distance.

Roger Conference Roger Pen

Connecting to other wireless microphones

Your clients can create a microphone network to communicate, allowing them to hear multiple speakers with high sound quality.


Watching TV, listening to music and using multimedia

By connecting this solution to various audio sources, your clients can enjoy high quality sound directly through both hearing instruments.

TV ComPilot Couple

VoIP (e.g., Skype) calls and office desk phone conversations

For clients who make business calls, either online (i.e., via Skype) or using their office phone, this solution connects easily to computers or telephones and streams audio to both heading aids.

Office Woman ComPilot Air II