eAudiology incorporates all information and learnings related to telehealth and eHealth facilitating remote support of audiological rehabilitation.

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COVID-19 Update

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, eHealth is increasingly being used to safely treat healthcare needs unrelated to Coronavirus. This digital approach limits potential exposure whilst still providing quality care to those in self-isolation.

Thanks to eAudiology and Remote Support, audiological care can be accessed in a safe and effective way.

Client selection & preparation

Which clients are suitable for Remote Support?

Clients who have:

  • Phonak Marvel or Phonak Audeo B-Direct hearing aids
  • iPhone (5s or newer version) or Android smartphone (with an operating system of 6.0 or newer version)
  • Access to WiFi or 4G data

Over the age of 16 years or if below the age of 16 years a parent or guardian must agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

Clinical implementation guidelines

A summary of 10 things to consider first before conduction Remote Support.

Guide: Download


Staff Role-Play

Pre-appointment checklist and staff Role-play instructions.

Guide: Download


ABC’s of eAudiology


A 10-step guide series written by renowned international experts, breaking down the guidelines of eAudiology clinical Implementation, into 10 easy-to-follow steps.

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eSolutions / Phonak Target

Remote Support Fitting Guide

A detailed introduction to successfully conduct a follow up Phonak Target fitting session using Phonak Remote Support.

Guide: Download


How to prepare for a Remote Session and Hearing Diary

This video shows how to invite a client to a Remote Support session in Phonak Target.


How to start a Remote Support session

Learn how to start a Remote session in Phonak Target fitting software.


Test Remote Support Connection in Target

Run an internet connection test in Phonak Target fitting software to ensure a successful Remote Support session.


Troubleshooting & FAQ – Remote Support

A summary of the frequently asked technical


FAQ: Download

Marvel garden coffee smartphone myCall-to-Text

Client tools

Set clients up for Remote Support success

A 4-step guide for setting up a Remote Support session in Phonak Target and a client’s mobile phone.

Guide: Download


User Guide myPhonak app

Installation and functionalities myPhonak on a mobile device including Phonak Remote Support instructions.

User Guide: Download


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