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Fitting that fits you

Phonak Target continues to build upon its foundation of being the fitting software of choice*. Every new version is designed to seamlessly support you in tailoring the new Phonak hearing aids to the needs of your clients.

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Seamless fitting experience

Phonak Target combines the principles of current software design with the inno­vation of hearing technology and audiology. It was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a rewarding fitting experience from start to finish.

Phonak Target presents a host of fitting elements that will support your individual work­flow. You can focus more fully on your client’s needs.



ActiveVent is a mechanical vent that can be steered to open or close based on the classified sound environment or signal, providing clients an open fitting when they want it and a closed fitting when they need it. You have the flexibility to modify the ActiveVent status in the exclusive AutoSense OS programs, streaming programs, or manual programs not linked to AutoSense OS. ActiveVent is compatible with Audéo P rechargeable hearing aids.

Tap Control training and sensitivity

Tap Control training and sensitivity

With a simple double tap, Tap Control enables clients to pause/resume streaming, accept/end a phone call and activate a voice assistant. While coaching the client on the double tap gesture, you can verify the client’s sensitivity preference. This additional personalization of Tap Control allows you to meet your client’s dexterity needs and preferences, as well as providing more engagement opportunities during the counseling process. The ability to change the sensitivity is available with Audéo P rechargeable hearing aids.


Bimodal fitting

The Naída Link M and Sky Link M hearing aids can be fit in a bimodal configuration with an Advanced Bionics (AB) cochlear implant (CI) sound processor. The Link M hearing aid enables binaural functions with the CI, including volume control, program structure, and streaming.

Bimodal fitting



*Confirmed by external surveys and the Phonak worldwide customer satisfaction survey 2019.

Stöcklin, R. (2019) Market Research (ID1363). Please contact if you are interested in further information.

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