Phonak DECT Support


Beautyshot DECT Phone

Q: Which hearing aids can be used with DECT CP1 or DECT II?

A:  Venture hearing aids can only be used with DECT II.  Spice and Quest hearing aids can only use DECT CP1.

Q: What is the DECT phone pairing code?

A: There is no pairing code required for the Phonak DECT cordless phones. They stream directly out of the box.

Q: How many DECT handsets can be connected to the base?

A: Up to six handsets can be connected to one base.

Q: What type of battery does the DECT cordless phone use?

A: The Phonak DECT cordless phones use a rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, type: CE-MB206-5C-01, 1100 mAh.

Q: Can I easily demonstrate the DECT cordless phone to my clients?

A: You can easily demonstrate the Phonak DECT cordless phone by pressing and holding the green Boost key for 2 seconds in standby mode.

A demo message will play and is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing aids.

Use Venture hearing aids with DECT II and Spice/Quest hearing aids with DECT CP1. 

Q: Can the DECT cordless phone be used in the office?

A: Yes. Any location will work, as long as there is an analog connection line available for the base. 

Q: Can the phone be used for people with no hearing loss?

A: Yes. On top there is a boost button to simply increase the volume at the click of a button if the hearing aid is not worn.

Q: What is the operating range of the DECT cordless phone?

A: From the base to the handset, the following distance applies:

Indoors: up to 50 m (160 ft)

Outdoors: up to 300 m (990 ft)

The range from handset to the hearing aids is 25 cm (10 ‘’)

Q: How long will the handset battery last?

A: Up to 240 hours standby time (approx. 10 days)

Up to 20 hours talk time.