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Roger Pen™ Compatibility

Many Phonak devices have the ability to interact with each other. Find out which products are compatible.


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Q: Are all hearing aids / cochlear implants compatible with Roger Pen?

A: Yes. With three categories of Roger receivers available, there is a solution for virtually every listener, regardless of the hearing technology your client uses.

  • Design-integrated receivers are avialble for Phonak hearing aids and selected CI sound processors.
  • The miniature universal Roger X receiver can be attached to an audio shoe or streamer regardless of the manufacturer.
  • The universal neckloop receiver Roger MyLink is compatible with any hearing aid or CI sound processor that has a T-Coil.


You can also use our Roger Configurator tool (English only) to match hearing aids/CIs with the right Roger receivers.

Q: What is the difference between the Roger EasyPen and the Roger Pen?

A: Roger EasyPen offers the same microphone performance as Roger Pen but does not support Bluetooth® functionality or manual microphone control.

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