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Hearing well and being well – a strong scientific connection

An international conference sponsored by Phonak

Date: 14 – 16 November 2019    
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Event Materials

Session I: Well-being, emotion, and social aspects

Topic 1

Presentation: Keynote 1: Boosting emotional well being in older adults: The role of hearing health care

Barbara Weinstein (US)

Topic 2

Presentation: Hearing rehabilitation considered through the lens of social relationships and emotions

Gurjit Singh (CA)

Topic 3

Presentation: How hearing loss and hearing aid usage affect communication behaviour

Markus Meis (DE)

Topic 4

Presentation: The key role of families in hearing well and being well

Louise Hickson (AU)

Session Discussion

Session II: Cognition, listening effort, and mental load

Topic 1

Presentation: Keynote 2 : Relationship between hearing ability and cognitive impairment

Josef Kessler (DE)

Topic 2

Presentation: What is listening effort and how do we measure it?

Erin Picou (US)

Topic 3

Presentation: Clinical implementation of a listening effort measure (ACALES)

Melanie Krueger (DE)

Topic 4

Presentation: Please try harder! The influence of hearing status and evaluative feedback during listening on the pupil dilation response, saliva-cortisol and saliva alpha-amylase levels

Adriana Zekveld (NL)

Topic 5

Presentation: Hearing loss and fatigue

Graham Naylor (UK)

Topic 6

Presentation: Stigma associated with hearing loss and ageism: An obstacle to audiologic rehabilitation

Jean-Pierre Gagné (CA)

Session Discussion

Session III: eHealth and rehabilitation

Topic 1

Presentation: Keynote 3: eAudiology Hearing Aid Support: Considerations for clinical application and implementation

Gina Angley (US)

Topic 2

Presentation: Ecological momentary assessment and its potential as future clinical tool in audiology

Barbra Timmer (AU)

Topic 3

Presentation: mHealth technologies empower hearing aid users to self-manage their hearing loss

Melanie Ferguson (AU)

Topic 4

Presentation: Using photovoice as a tool for audiological rehabilitation

Gaby Saunders (DK)

Topic 5

Presentation: Balance and fall prevention - what role does hearing play?

Sigrid Scherpiet (DE)

Session Discussion