Direct connectivity to any cell phone

Phonak direct connectivity hearing aids are Made For All (MFA) hearing aids that provide direct connectivity to any cell phone.

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Pediatric Solutions – because a child is not a small adult

Providing kids and teens with the necessary solution to keep up with their active lives. The key to unlocking a child's full potential.

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Rechargeable technology

Designed to simplify life, our rechargeable hearing aids can free your clients from the hassles of disposable batteries.

Rechargeable technology

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Audiology Blog

Audiology Blog

Short and easy-to-digest blog posts will keep you informed on the latest developments in audiology.

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About Phonak

Our clear vision and strong values are part of everything we do.

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The science behind Phonak technology


Evidence-based science and research at the core of every new product and feature.

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The latest Journal Article

Family-centered Care: Working with Partners Reporting “Incongruent” Hearing Aid Outcome

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1Field Study News under development. Full details available in August 2017 at https://www.phonakpro. com/evidence.html.