Roger™ Dynamic SoundField

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The Roger Dynamic SoundField is a classroom amplification system featuring industry-leading sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity.

Unique ‘line source’ loudspeaker unit

The Phonak DigiMaster loudspeaker offers high directionality and creates far less problematic reverberation than any existing soundfield system. The DigiMaster transmits a clear, high-quality signal using just one or two loudspeakers per room (depending on room size). 


Digital sound quality

Roger Dynamic SoundField digitally transmits its signals, automatically changing frequencies when required in order to eliminate potential interference caused by a building’s existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. The system does not need to operate on a particular channel; therefore, there are no sound “dead spots.” Pairing transmitter and loudspeaker is simple, and there is no limit to the number of license-free systems that can be used on one site.


Fully automated settings

Roger Dynamic SoundField continually monitors and automatically adjusts its frequency and volume settings by measuring a room’s actual noise level and optimizing accordingly. It provides optimal signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) and transforms the world’s first intelligent soundfield into a product anyone can use. 


Works with interactive whiteboards and multimedia

Clients who use an interactive whiteboard or screen can simply connect their computer or multimedia device to the DigiMaster using a standard audio cable. The result is a high-performance system that intelligently amplifies its audio output to ensure listeners hear and understand everything they say. 



The Roger Dynamic SoundField system with the Roger Touchscreen Mic is the only digital classroom solution that can be used simultaneously with additional microphones and personal receivers.

Roger™ Upgrader

The free Roger Upgrader software is designed to ensure the Roger compatibility of Phonak classroom devices.

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Roger Pass-around
Roger Touchscreen Mic

Child Hearing Assessments

The Child Hearing Assessments allow educational audiologists, hearing resource teachers, and Teachers of the Deaf to evaluate a child’s individual hearing and listening abilities, difficulties, behaviors and use of assistive technology.

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