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Handy microphone for various listening situations. Thanks to its portable design, it can be conveniently used where additional support is needed over distance and in noise. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices e.g. T.V. and has wideband Bluetooth for cellphone calls.

Roger Pen 1.1

Roger Pen. This universal, cutting-edge wireless microphone helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech in noise and over distance. Designed with discretion in mind, the Roger Pen features adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, wideband audio Bluetooth for cell phone use, TV connectivity and an audio input for listening to multimedia. It can also be used alongside other Roger Clip-On Mics and Roger Pens in a microphone network.



Hear better than people with no hearing loss

The Roger Pen is based on our proprietary Roger technology, which utilizes intelligent, adaptive algorithms to achieve a high quality wireless transmission and automatically adjusts to the noise level surrounding your customer. Roger has been scientifically proven to help hearing instrument users understand up to 62% more speech in noise and over distance than people without hearing loss.

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Phonak Roger Pen wins prestigious German DESIGN AWARD 2017

Roger Pen has been recognized for outstanding product design with the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. It was selected to receive the coveted seal of design excellence in the category of Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care.

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Phonak Roger Pen wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2016

Roger Pen has been recognized for outstanding product design with the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. With its functional and inconspicuous design, the Roger Pen mimics a pen in shape and looks more like a stylish device than a medical instrument. The pen was selected to receive the coveted seal of design excellence in the category of Medicine/Healthcare by an international, high-profile jury of design professionals, press members and academics.

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Logo iF Award 2016

Bluetooth and multimedia connectivity

With its Bluetooth link to mobile phones, the Roger Pen wirelessly transmits the speaker’s voice to the hearing aids for greatly improved conversation quality and hands-free calls. Customers can also stream sound from TVs, music players, computers, gaming systems, and more by connecting these devices to the included charging dock or the micro-USB socket on the Roger Pen.

Miniature Roger receivers

Completely compatible

The Roger Pen is used with miniature Roger receivers, which can be attached directly to hearing instruments or cochlear implants. For almost every hearing instrument and CI sound processor there is a compatible Roger receiver.

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Roger Easy Guide

An interactive guide for selecting and matching the right Roger wireless microphone for each client's needs.

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