Phonak TargetMatch

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The next generation of verification

Fully integrated guided workflow in Phonak Target to get the most out of your fittings for the best listening experience.




TargetMatch, integrated in Phonak Target is an automated guidance system for real ear and test box measurements, developed by Phonak in collaboration with Otometrics. 

Get the most out of your hearing fittings. Learn more about the fully integrated step by step verification workflow available in Phonak Target called TargetMatch.







TargetMatch provides you with a seamless, step by step workflow, guiding you through the process of probe tube placement, obtaining Real Ear and 2cc/test box measurements and automatic or manual target matching. This creates an easy and effective way of incorporating verification into the fitting process.






TargetMatch: who is it for?


A hearing care professional who…

  • Is comfortable with performing verification

  • May not be confident performing verification

  • Is learning how to perform verification



TargetMatch - Why should I use it?

REM contributes to higher overall satisfaction and an overall better experience for clients

Best practice guidelines: probe microphone measures are the best way to confirm the performance of a hearing aid

REM incorporates individual ear information for a more precise, accurate individualized hearing aid fitting


InfoGraphic: TargetMatch - The next Generation of Verification

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