Phonak Sky™ B

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Field Study: Not letting a little water get in the way of a child’s life

Bohnert, A., Appleton-Huber, J., 2017

Technical Paper: Phonak Fast Facts: Phonak Sky™ B-PR: the first rechargeable pediatric hearing aid

Technical Paper: Phonak Insight: The ears are doorways to the brain


Journal Article: Evaluation of the Benefits of Binaural Hearing on the Telephone for Children with Hearing Loss

Wolfe, J., et al., Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, [Vol 26, Number 1], 2015

Field Study: DuoPhone for children - Significantly improved speech understanding on the phone

Wolfe, J., 2013

Technical Paper: Phonak Insight. Automatic and directional for kids

Feilner, M. and Rich, S., 2016

Field Study: 로저 레디

Standaert, L. 및 Levy, C., 2016

Technical Paper: Phonak Insight. SoundRecover - The importance of wide perceptual bandwidth

McDermott, H., 2010


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