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Fourth Phonak European Pediatric Amplification Conference

Dato: 14. og 15. november 2011

Sted: Istanbul, Tyrkia

Sponsor: Phonak


Presentation: Current Developments and New Directions in Pediatric Audiology


Session I – Identification and assessment

Presentation: Plasticity in the Developing Auditory Brain: Clinical Evidence from Children with Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Anu Sharma

Presentation: Early detection: still a challenge?

Paul Govaerts

Presentation: Ensuring high-quality ABR assessment in babies

Guy Lightfoot

Presentation: Behavioural assessment in babies and infants

Anne Marie Tharpe

Presentation: Assessment of children with complex needs

Thomas Wiesner

Session II – Current Developments in Amplification

Presentation: Essential Components of the Pediatric Hearing Instrument Fitting Process

Richard Seewald

Presentation: Using the A§E ® in very young children for the validation of hearing aid fitting and as a decision criterion for cochlear implantation

Kristin Kerkofs

Presentation: Using cortical responses to inform management of aided children

Harvey Dillon

Presentation: Preliminary results of longitudinal language development study using dynamic FM combined to cochlear implants

Buelent Serbetcioglu

Presentation: Paediatric Cochlear Implants: challenges and future directions

Garry O Donoghue

Session III – Outcomes and Family Support

Presentation: Frequency Compression Technology in Hearing Aid Fitting in children

Andrea Bohnert

Presentation: Audiologists providing Informed Choice

Wendy Mccracken

Presentation: Audiological findings and rehabilitation in children with inner ear malformations

Gonca Sennaroglu

Presentation: An Approach to Evaluating the Impact of Hearing Aid Intervention

Marlene Bagatto

Presentation: To Fit or Not to Fit and When and How? Fitting Hearing Aids in Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: Perspective of Parents of Children Identified through Newborn Hearing Screening

Kai Uus

Session IV – Clinical Forum

Presentation: Diagnosis and Management of ANSD in Children

Patricia Roush

Presentation: Getting Amplification Right:Interpreting speech results for your hearing aid fitting

Josephine Marriage

Presentation: Using the UWO PedAMP for Outcome Evaluation: Case Studies

Marlene Bagatto

Presentation: End note address

Anne Marie Tharpe