Roger Focus Ⅱ

Use cases


Unilateral hearing loss and classroom education

Although speech is audible for people with unilateral hearing loss, it is not always understandable, especially if students are not near the teacher, or if there is a lot of noise. Being able to clearly hear instructions over distracting classroom noises can make a positive difference in a child’s education and progression.

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Education for children with autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have a major impact on children’s lives, particularly when it comes to their success in school. Roger technology has been proven to help children with ASD1 to concentrate better on the teacher’s words and to communicate and engage better with their fellow students.

Pediatric - Roger Focus

Education for children with auditory processing disorder

Children with auditory processing disorder (APD) find it tough to focus on what’s being said, especially when there is lots of background noise, as in busy classrooms. Remote microphone systems, like Roger technology, have been shown to help children with APD2 to focus on what’s being said, wherever they happen to sit in class.


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2 Johnston, K.N., John, A.B., Kreisman, N.V., Hall III, J.W. and Crandell, C.C. (2009). Multiple benefits of personal FM system use by children with auditory processing disorder (APD). International Journal of Audiology, 48, 371-378.