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Building a hearing care program for children: Technology and beyond

A pre-conference meeting sponsored by Phonak

October 25, 2019 Tempe AZ, USA
1pm to 4pm


If you are attending the Coalition for Global Hearing Health meeting in Tempe AZ make sure to not miss this, free of charge, pre-conference.

The presentations will be given by key experts in the pediatric field with ample time available for questions and interactions.

  • Prof. Patricia Roush, Department of Otolaryngology, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, USA– “Using evidence based protocols to develop a comprehensive program of pediatric hearing care”
  • Dr. Edie Gibson, Clinical Specialist, Advanced Bionics – “Optimizing protocols and parent engagement for children with hearing loss”
  • Dr. Sherri Fickenscher, Education Support Specialist/Early Intervention Provider at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, -“The key to healthy brain architecture IS responsive caregiving”
  • Janet Des Georges, Executive Director, Hands & Voices – “International resources and supports for Families”




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