eAudiology incorporates all information and learnings related to telehealth and eHealth facilitating remote support of audiological rehabilitation.

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What's new in Phonak eAudiology

ABCs of eAudiology

A 10-step guide series written by renowned international experts, breaking down the guidelines of clinical implementation of eAudiology into 10 easy-to-follow steps.

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eAudiology online module

A short self-paced online learning module providing an introduction to the field of eAudiology practice.

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eAudiology terminology

An infographic highlighting the terminology and definitions emerging in this new field of hearing care practice.

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eAudiology Webinar series 2018/2019

Digitalization is a big part of our daily lives - and now, the healthcare industry. In our webinar series on eAudiology we guide hearing care professionals through the digital transformation in audiology. To join a webinar or view recording please visit Phonak Learning.

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An introduction to eAudiology

By Danielle Glista, PhD

A review of perceptions and report on findings

By Dr. Gurjit Singh

Digital transformation in hearing healthcare

By François Julita

Using eAudiology to improve hearing-related knowledge

By Dr. Melanie Ferguson

Consensus statement on eAudiology

By Joseph Montano, EdD

mHealth tools: measuring real-world hearing performance

By Barbra Timmer, PhD, MBA

Practical clinical application

By William Campbell MCISc

Remote hearing aid programming: the next frontier

By Dr. Gina Angley

Phonak Remote Support: Key learnings and practical tips

By Dr. Jean Anne Schnittker

Connected technologies for improved awareness, access and affordability in hearing health care

By Prof. De Wet Swanepoel

The impact of eAudiology on student training

By Karen Muñoz, EdD

App-based hearing aid adjustments in real-life

By Dr. Christine Jones

Short and easy-to-read blog posts on eAudiology and other latest developments in audiology:

eAudiology blog


Making hearing aid users their own personal “MacGyver”

There are smartphone features and apps on Bluetooth enabled devices that can help hearing aid users compensate for listening challenges and improve their listening experience.

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eAudiology blog


The future of Audiology – eSolutions is an essential piece…

Research tells us that giving patients more control over their own devices has numerous perceived benefits and could positively impact overall well-being.

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eAudiology blog


Family-Centered Care (FCC) and eAudiology: the marriage of…

When schedules and distance prevent families from attending consults, technology offers hearing care professionals an easy and convenient solution.

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