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Fitting that fits you

Phonak Target continues to build upon its foundation of being the fitting software of choice*. Every new version is designed to seamlessly support you in tailoring the new Phonak hearing aids to the needs of your clients.

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Seamless fitting experience

Phonak Target combines the principles of current software design with the inno­vation of hearing technology and audiology. It was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a rewarding fitting experience from start to finish.

Phonak Target presents a host of impressive fitting elements that will support your individual work­flow. You can focus more fully on your client’s needs.


Feedback threshold overtuning

For Phonak Paradise™ hearing aids, you can now set the feedback management system in the best reasonable way, even without running a feedback test at all.

The Phonak feedback threshold over tuning feature is a new functionality that offers a transparent, gradual and controllable way to open up just enough gain range to reach the needed target gains for the client.

Feedback threshold overtuning
Phonak Marvel trial hearing aids

Phonak Trial™

The flexibility to offer differ performance levels in a single device is now also available with Phonak Paradise. With multiple performance levels in one device, this means you always have access to the right technology, which allows you to demo and do trials. The ability to change performance levels in Phonak Target allows you to address clients’ needs from the first visit or bridge the gap during repairs.


Wireless fitting

The entire fitting experience and benefits of direct connectivity is enhanced with Phonak hearing aids, Phonak Target fitting software and the Noahlink wireless fitting device. Phonak Target has a patented feature that provides wireless detection and visual identification of left and right hearing aids.

More information on Noahlink Wireless >




*Confirmed by external surveys and the Phonak worldwide customer satisfaction survey 2019.

Stöcklin, R. (2019) Market Research (ID1363). Please contact if you are interested in further information.

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