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Become a Phonak provider to benefit from:

  • A comprehensive product portfolio including Trial devices

  • A wide range of e-Learning courses for your entire team such as audiological best practice, hearing aid technology, and business and marketing best practices

  • Exclusive 1:1 trainings with Phonak experts

  • Omni-channel marketing and practice development support including campaigns, templates, valuable insights and more

  • Online hearing test integrated into your website to bring more clients into your practice

Become a Phonak Partner


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When you partner with Phonak you gain access to:

  • Industry-leading hearing technology and access to a very comprehensive product portfolio that results in higher client satisfaction and increased revenue
  • Prospective client lead generation for your practice and marketing support to grow your business
  • Education and training resources for you and your staff 



Find a solution matching individual needs


Phonak offers solutions to:

  • Prevent hearing loss with hearing protection
  • Detect hearing loss with hearing screener
  • Treat hearing loss with a broad range of solutions to support a large number of client needs



Grow your business


Phonak value added services can help your business grow with:

  • Trainings on marketing and business best practices
  • Valuable market and marketing insights on client needs, industry trends and local insights
  • Full suite of marketing support to create an end-to-end client experience

Expand your knowledge


Phonak Audiology empowers you with:

  • A brand new evidence portal for instant access to the latest clinical research and resources
  • World-class events and trainings
  • International conferences for networking and learning from industry leaders and experts



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