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Stay connected with your clients - assist them and adjust hearing aids in real-time.

Remote Support allows you to conveniently connect, assist and support your clients listening needs. By providing, remote hearing aid adjustments, in real-time, clients hearing aids can be easily optimized.

Please be aware of regulatory requirements in your country.

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Time and distance are just two factors that hold clients back from visiting their hearing care professional.

Remote Support provides a way for you to stay connected with your clients and remotely provide them an efficient and effective service in real-time.  

Phonak Remote Support is designed to:

  • 80% of HCPs acknowledge remote sessions as efficient as face-to-face appointments*
  • 88% of end-users prefer remote sessions under certain conditions (mobility issues, transportation difficulties, weather conditions)*
  • 92% of end users would recommend remote sessions to other users*
  • 64% of end users prefer remote sessions over a face-to-face sessions*
  • 82% of HCP are satisfied with the outcome of remote sessions*
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* Angley, G. P., Schnittker, J. A., & Tharpe, A. M. (2017). Remote Hearing Aid Support: The Next Frontier. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 28, 893–900. doi: 10.3766/jaaa.16093

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