Phonak Nios S H2O

A small BTE solution, based on Spice+ technology, for children with mild to severe hearing loss.

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Nios S H2O

Dust and water resistant housing for active kids

The Nios S H2O housing is engineered to a water and dust resistance rating level of IP67, so children can actively explore the world around them with less worry about the elements.


Breakthrough audibility for optimal speech and language development

Access to sound is critical for a child's speech and language development. SoundRecover provides consistent and effortless audibility of crucial high-frequency sounds, such as a mother’s voice, so children can understand and learn better.

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Compact design with reliable performance

Children have unique fitting requirements. The compact design of the Nios S H2O is optimal for children and provides a good all-around hearing experience. 


Use Nios S H2O with accessories for the ultimate hearing solution

Nios S H2O can be used with a Roger system and other wireless accessories. By using advanced Roger microphones and receivers, a child can hear in challenging listening situations such as in a classroom or car. 

Meet Roger™

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Compatible accessories See Complete Compatibility Chart

Roger™ Clip-On Mic

Roger Clip On Mic Perspective

Small microphone designed for one-to-one conversations. Featuring a directional microphone, the user can focus on a conversation with their partner.

Phonak ComPilot

ComPilot perspective

Compatible with Spice, Spice+ and Quest generation hearing aids. Color: Silver/black

Roger™ Receivers

Roger 15 Receiver

When connected to hearing aids or cochlear implants, these receivers allow your clients to hear sounds transmitted by a Roger microphone.