Tinnitus Balance App

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The Phonak Tinnitus Balance App enables your clients to manage their tinnitus management sound plan.


The interactive support tool for Tinnitus Management

The app is intended to be part of a tinnitus management program provided by a qualified hearing care professional familiar with the diagnosis and management of tinnitus.

It enables clients to choose sounds from the list of default sounds within the app:

  • Soothing sounds such as a campfire, chimes, or sailing
  • Background sounds such as the harbor, ocean, and rain
  • Interesting sounds such as a blackbird, farmyard, or cicadas

Alternatively, users can also select sounds from their own smartphone music library. Clients can rate the effectiveness of each sound and review the overall ratings with their hearing care professional to optimize their sound plan.


Apps available

Apple Store
Google Play

Individual and flexible

The app is an ideal tool for offering patients additional individual and flexible sound therapy.

Through use of the app, clients can individually manage their Tinnitus Management program, after it is set up by a qualified hearing care professional. Clients can select default sounds, or songs from their own music library, and use the timer option to help them go to sleep.

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