Fitting Phonak ComPilot

Out-of-the-box ComPilot is an audio streamer only. To use it as a remote control, ComPilot must be connected to the fitting computer after the hearing instrument programs were defined.

The ComPilot is automatically recognized when plugging in the mini-USB during a fitting session. You will be prompted automatically if the ComPilot needs to be connected while saving the session.

After adding or removing hearing instrument programs, the ComPilot must be connected to the fitting software again.

Use the Device options screen to configure ComPilot

  • Disabling the remote control
  • Configure the language of VoiceAlerts or how detailed ComPilot uses spoken messages
  • Start the ComPilot Bluetooth pairing from within the session
  • Configure various additional Bluetooth options such as voice dial, last number redial, transfer call, hold call and caller identification

 All changes you make can be instantly seen on the screen, for an easy overview.

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