ML14i – design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for Cochlear’s Nucleus 5

Better speech recognition in noise

Phonak’s ML14i Dynamic FM receiver works with Cochlear’s Nucleus 5 system to help CI recipients enjoy enhanced speech understanding in noise and over distance.

Thanks to Dynamic FM’s signal to noise ratios, Nucleus 5 wearers are able to better identify speech signals in typically challenging sound environments such as restaurants, parties, TV rooms, outdoors, in the car and over distance.

ML14i features

  • State-of-the-art Dynamic FM receiver
  • Speech understanding in noise benefits
  • Enhances signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs)
  • Discrete design-integrated form factor
  • Full range of Dynamic FM transmitters
  • Multiple speakers possible using Phonak MultiTalker Network
  • Fully programmable with FM SuccessWare 4.5

Colors for ML14i


How to...

  • Attach ML14i to the Cochlear Nucleus 5