ML9i - design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver

Bringing Dynamic FM to users of Exélia Art hearing instruments

ML9i is a miniature design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for use with Exélia Art hearing instruments.

When attached to either of these hearing instruments, ML9i provides all the benefits of Phonak’s Dynamic FM technology. These include:

  • Dynamic Speech Extractor - an algorithm that improves signal-to-noise ratios by up to 15 dB and speech scores in noise by dozens of percentage points.

ML9i features

  • State-of-the art Dynamic FM receiver
  • Compatible with all Phonak transmitters
  • Automatic or Direct Frequency Synchronization
  • Save to and read information from receiver
  • Revolutionary antenna design for optimal reception from all angles
  • Sleep mode saves hearing instrument batteries

Note: Phonak FM systems are not compatible with FM products from other manufacturers.

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