Exélia Art - Features, Colors and Benefits


SoundRecover is an effective way to extend hearing by providing high frequency audibility. This can improve speech understanding and awareness of the sound environment.


With the push of a button, the phone signal is heard in both ears. Better understanding on the phone is achieved through bilateral hearing. With DuoPhone, as soon as the phone is held to the ear the signal is heard in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity improved.  more

ZoomControl - Directional Listening

With ZoomControl, Phonak Solana offers a truly exclusive end-user benefit – the ability to choose in  which direction to focus hearing. ZoomControl  achieves this by combining real-audio streaming between two hearing instruments with directional  beamforming. In situations where wearers are unable to face the speaker, they can choose to focus to the right, left, back or front.

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Exélia Art product family

Exélia Art is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs from micro to powerful. New: Exélia Art now available in micro Petite and In-the-Canal Half Shell Power (ITC/HS P) models. For color ranges see Styles.


Phonak continuously improves the way hearing instruments are fit. Our hearing solutions are complemented by comprehensive fitting hardware and software, applying the wireless capabilites of the Spice Generation platform with a CableFree Fitting solution.