Learn more about what LiSN-S PGA offers and how it works with these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

About LiSN-S PGA

Who should administer LiSN-S PGA?

Audiologists, audiometrists, fitters, dispensers of hearing instruments and clinics that offer diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with a hearing loss.

Is LiSN-S PGA a diagnostic test?

Yes LiSN-S PGA is a diagnostic test. When used to assess patients with a hearing loss, LiSN-S PGA gives clear technology recommendations based on the diagnostic outcome: with a loss of between 3 dB and 6 dB in SRT (Speech Reception Threshold), advanced directional microphone technology is recommended; with a loss of 6 dB and above, FM technology is recommended as an add-on to hearing instruments.

Should LiSN-S PGA be considered a part of the professional’s test battery or is it a standalone diagnostic test?

LiSN-S PGA is a speech-in-noise test and should be part of the standard audiometric diagnostic test battery. LiSN-S PGA requires a recent pure tone audiogram.

For what age ranges are normative data available?

LiSN-S PGA includes norms for patients aged 6 to 60. (Patients over 60 years old are compared to 60 year old listeners.)

Can pure tone audiogram data be imported from NOAH in LiSN-S PGA?

No. The pure tone audiogram data must be entered by clicking directly on the audiogram chart.

System & Requirements

Can one LiSN-S PGA tool be run on different computers?

The software can be installed on different computers, but the software will only run if the Phonak Soundcard is inserted into a computer’s USB port. With each LiSN-S PGA package just one Phonak Soundcard is provided. Should a clinic want to run LiSN-S PGA in parallel on different workstations, multiple copies of LiSN-S PGA will be required.

What does the LiSN-S PGA package include?

LiSN-S PGA comprises: proprietary LiSN-S PGA software, the Phonak Soundcard, and high quality headphones. The package also contains clear instructions to help users install and administer LiSN-S PGA.

Are headphones required to administer LiSN-S PGA

Yes. Special high quality headphones are included in the LiSN-S PGA package. Test results calculated using any other headphones will be invalid.

Can LiSN-S PGA be administered in free field, for instance to assess performance with hearing instruments or an FM system?

No. LISN-S PGA is a diagnostic test under headphones.

What are the test’s PC requirements?

LiSN-S PGA requires a PC to run either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and feature a CD-ROM drive.

Will LiSN-S PGA run on a Mac?

Unfortunately not. LiSN-S PGA is only calibrated for PCs running the Windows versions noted above.

Can I run LiSN-S PGA on a mini notebook or ‘netbook’?

This depends on the notebook’s screen resolution. The ideal recommended LiSN-S PGA resolution is 800x600 pixels or greater. However it is possible to navigate the software using a notebook with a resolution of 700x500 pixels. If your machine’s resolution is lower than this, you might not be able to see the full LiSN-S frame on its screen.

Results & Recommendations

What recommendations does LiSN-PGA offer?

After testing a patient with a hearing loss using LiSN-S PGA, the software provides one of three recommendations: no additional hearing technology required; advanced directional microphone technology in hearing instruments is recommended, or FM technology is recommended as an add-on to hearing instruments.

How long does it take to administer LiSN-S PGA?

Just five minutes.

What kind of report does LiSN-S PGA produce?

A full patient results report is automatically generated by the LiSN-S PGA software. The clinician can also add his or her own notes to this report before saving, printing to PDF or downloading it onto their PC.

Trials, Versions & Updates

How do I make sure I am using the most up-to-date LiSN-S PGA version?

Firstly, check which version you have installed: the software version number is shown in the 'About LiSN-S' box that pops up when you start the software. If LiSN-S PGA is already open, click Help/About LISN-S PGA Application to view this pop-up.

To install the latest version of LiSN-S PGA, click the Help menu and choose Internet Upgrade Service. This will inform you whether or not there is a new version available to install. Alternatively, the latest version of LiSN-S PGA can always be found in the Downloads box to the right.

I have no Internet access in the clinic where LiSN-PGA is installed. How do I upgrade LiSN-S PGA to the latest version?

We recommend you download the latest LiSN-S PGA software version at home or elsewhere via the Downloads box on the right. Then simply store this Zip file on a USB memory stick, copy this onto your work machine, and upgrade LiSN-S PGA.