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Our Vision: A world where everyone
enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a
life without limitations.

Our Values:

  • Passionate
  • Engaging
  • Pioneering
Value: Passionate

We are committed to understand the challenges faced by people who live with hearing loss, and to improve the quality of their lives.

We measure our success by the positive impact our technologies have on the ability to communicate and enjoy life’s rich soundscapes. This is what truly inspires and motivates us. This is our passion.

Value: Engaging

We are dedicated to engaging the voices of those around us.

We listen intently to the hearing care professionals who contribute their deep knowledge and unique insights to our joint mission. And by giving a voice to all those affected by hearing loss, we help them to both hear again and to be heard.

Value: Pioneering

We are keen to be the driving force in hearing care.

We envision a future without boundaries, and continuously challenge the limits of technology with our innovative solutions.We will go on daring the impossible in our quest to offer an optimal hearing experience.


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We continuously challenge the limits of technology to help overcome even the most difficult hearing situations and provide hearing care professionals with tools to fit clients efficiently and accurately. Our technologies include Binaural VoiceStream™, Roger Wireless, and AutoSense OS.

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We are passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally.

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Our industry leadership is a result of over 70 years of passion and innovation.

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Phonak Spotlight

Celebrating the energy and passion for changing lives.

Christine Jones

Jan, AuD

Clinical Research Audiologist of Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC)

Education: B.S. — Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana; Au.D. —Rush University

Joined Phonak: June 2016

Why did you choose the audiology field?
Han: My first cousin and great-great grandmother were both born with severe congenital hearing loss, which is what really got me into audiology. I really enjoyed the fact that in this field, you would be impacting not just the patient but also their families, friends and other people they would encounter on a day to day basis.

What is your current focus?
Han: Currently, I am deep diving into the world of Lyric. The clinical research was moved to PARC in the beginning of 2017, and we have been learning all about the technical and clinical characteristics that set this product apart from other devices. I am interested in finding ways for Lyric to be more accessible to audiologists and patients across the globe.

What you enjoy the most about your current position?
Han: No two days are alike! With new studies that we are embarking on throughout the year, we are constantly learning something new every day. I love that we are at the forefront of hearing aid technology, and we can see the changes and improvements in technology year after year.
What advice do you have for other audiologists?
Han: Stay excited! The landscape of audiology is always changing. There is always new technology or research development that was not available before. Staying informed will whet your appetite for what is to come.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Han: I like to spend my time hiking, camping and reading. I like being able to detach from emails/calls/texts/push notifications, just for a little bit!
What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
Han: I played the flute for eight years.


Faces of Phonak

Surya Matlapudi

Matt Owens

Senior Manager, Supply Chain

Briefly, describe a particularly gratifying moment at Phonak for you.
The day we opened our new 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse at AODC was a particularly gratifying day for me.  Coming to the end of a long project, it gave me a chance to reflect back on the evolution and growth of our business over the 13 years that I have been with the company, that I have been privileged to be a part of.

What is one of your favorite sounds in the world?
Thunderstorms in the summer.

Abby Poyser

Susan Dickenson

Sales Development Manager

How are you able to use your audiology training during your everyday job at Phonak?

My audiology training surfaces in many aspects of my job. I have the pleasure of being involved in the training of our new field sales and clinical training staff when they join Phonak. My background in the field of audiology is helpful when we have employees join us from outside of the hearing industry, as I am able to provide their trainings through the lens of the customers and the audiology clinics they will be calling on. For the audiologists who join Phonak directly from the clinic into the sales or clinical training arena, I am able to help them shift from the clinic world into the outside sales setting (having done so myself so long ago!). I am able to build and deliver training content with an understanding of the hearing healthcare provider’s wants and needs, and this makes the trainings more realistic to the employees I serve.

What influence does audiology have on Phonak?

Audiology expertise is the foundation of Phonak. When I joined Phonak, I was impressed with the true commitment Phonak had to the field of Audiology and the people in it. The commitment to Audiological Leadership is a key driver today, and touches everything we do at Phonak! Understanding the ever-evolving field of Audiology influences the way our products and solutions are conceptualized, shaped, created and presented to the customer and our patients.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy eating REALLY good food! I love to exercise, especially spin, kick-boxing and running (to work off the really good food!). I love sunshine and the great outdoors, and am happiest when I’ve hiked to the top of a mountain with my husband!

Steve Spencer

Stacie Jones

Customer Marketing Manager

Describe a particularly gratifying moment at Phonak for you:

In the 9 years that I have been with Phonak, I’ve had many gratifying moments...being part of several great sales teams that have been awarded Region of the Year, being part of a great marketing team where we work well together and are more like family than co-workers, and knowing that in marketing we help the hearing care professionals so they can help the hearing impaired

What is one of your favorite sounds in the world? 

I love to hear good and genuine belly laughs, particularly from little kiddos!

What do you love to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. Whether we are making dinner and watching movies, going to concerts, attending baseball games, having “dance parties” with my son or attending festivals, as long as I am amongst great company with good conversation, I am happy.

Christine Jones

Kailen Berry

Product Marketing and Audiology Manager

How are you able to use your audiology training during your everyday job at Phonak?

Everyday I’m able to work on educational tools to help my Phonak colleagues and ultimately the providers and patients we aim to serve. Being able to educate our providers on best practices and the importance of patient care while being supported by the best products in our industry makes me feel like the audiologist I was always meant to be.  

What influence does audiology have on Phonak?

From the very beginning of product development to the moment it’s shipped to an office, audiology plays an important role in what we do. Throughout this entire process and with every product we develop, we have always been the company to back up our claims with audiological research. Beyond that, we aim to provide audiological insight outside of products. This audiological prowess is what makes me proud to work for Phonak.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love baking, rock climbing, and having outdoor adventures with my family and our two dogs.  


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