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COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. From our daily interactions with family and friends, to our regular work routines — every person and every business has been affected … and the hearing health care industry is no exception. 

Welcome to the COVID-19 Information Hub

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Our response to COVID-19

Phonak stands ready to support you and your patients during these unprecedented times. We’ve taken several steps to continue business operations while maintaining a safe environment for you, your patients and our employees.

We will also continue to partner with you to deliver hearing technology to those most in need while observing the specific instructions from the World Health Organization and the CDC as to how to navigate in today’s environment.

Please take a moment to view a special message from Sandy Brandmeier, President HI Wholesale Sonova US. We're here for you.


Latest news

Website: Sonova statement on coronavirus


Press Release: Phonak boosts support for hearing care professionals amid Covid-19 pandemic

April 2020


Getting Back to Business

As clinics start getting back to business, we want to be sure to provide you with the tools and resources that help ensure you are prepared for the “new normal.”

Our Back to Business resource center will provide you with the resources related to:

  • Preparing your clinic
  • New eAudiology clinical recommendations
  • Additional training and education
  • Resources on remote support, staying connected with patients and practice guidance during COVID-19


Browse our Back to Business content for more information.

COVID-19 Resources

Presentation: Reshaping our Future: A Fresh Perspective on COVID and Beyond – Part 1

Recording: "Reshaping our Future: A Fresh Perspective on COVID and Beyond – Part 1"

Presentation: Reshaping our Future: A Fresh Perspective on COVID and Beyond – Part 2

Recording: "Reshaping our Future: A Fresh Perspective on COVID and Beyond – Part 2"

Spreadsheet: Reshaping our Future: A Fresh Perspective on COVID and Beyond – Part 2

Policy: Field Interaction

In order to protect our field staff (sales reps, clinical trainers) as well as our valued customers from COVID-19, we have issued a Field Interaction Policy that defines all steps that must be taken prior to a face-to-face customer visit.

Training: COVID-19: Small Business Implications – Q&A


Presentation: COVID-19: Small Business Implications – Presentation Slides

Website: COVID Loan Tracker


Recording: "COVID-19: Small Business Implications"

Stay connected with your patients

We want to provide you with the tools to ensure you are equipped to offer safe, alternative care to your patients during COVID-19 and beyond.

With Phonak Remote Support, there’s no in-office appointment needed, and you can:

  • Connect to your patients in real-time, with both audio and video
  • Adjust their hearing aids
  • Optimize your patients’ hearing aids and support their needs

All hearing care providers with a Phonak eServices/PhonakPro login are now automatically enabled to invite patients to Remote Support Sessions. 

Get a full overview and to access additional resources on our eAudiology page.

Need support? Contact us via our Remote Support resource page to find out all about what you need to get started today. 


Learn online with CEUs available


Due to COVID-19, there is a little more limitation in all of our everyday lives than we would hope! Phonak wants to continue to partner with you in any way that we can, while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, you, and your patients.

We are offering a multitude of remote courses with the ability to receive CEUs. Let’s take this time to work together and re-envision what it means to support our relationships with colleagues and patients from afar!

Stay current on a variety of topics while joining your colleagues and Phonak team. Below are all the courses available. We have built a comprehensive curriculum across topics such as Building Your Business and Remote Clinical Trainings.

Browse our training offerings for more information. 


Support for your practice and school


Find short, easy-to-read blog posts that tie to you, your patients and your practice during COVID-19 as well as well as other developments in audiology.


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Educators are working on re-inventing education for all students, including those with hearing loss. We hope these tools are helpful for you! 


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