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State-of-the art hearing aids, made for the classroom and beyond


Sky Marvel provides exactly what a school kid with hearing loss needs:

  • Clear, rich sound
  • Made-for-all connectivity
  • Seamless Roger integration
  • Rechargeable technology and robustness for active kids

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21 century education has changed rapidly to include interactive problem-solving as well as peer-centric communication and collaboration. Children with hearing loss are facing challenging situations that impact their ability to understand speech and handle modern technology.

Clear, rich sound – with Autosense Sky OS 3.0


The operating system of Sky Marvel was designed specifically for kids using real school and classroom research, to better recognize the challenging listening situations children experience each day. Autosense Sky OS is the only pediatric operating system on the market and offers:

  • 24% better speech understanding1 in noise
  • 30% more precise2 in noisy classroom activities
  • 39 % more accurate2 in recognizing screaming and yelling as unwanted noise
30% more precise

Connecting with confidence


Unlike any other pediatric hearing aid, Sky Marvel streams phone calls and audio directly from virtually any Bluetooth® enabled device: streaming from chromebooks, tablets and phones has never been easier! No matter what device the child is using today at home or school, these hearing aids are future-proof.


Seamless Roger integration


Think about the discreet benefits of a Roger receiver installed into the hearing aid! Thanks to RogerDirectTM, a child or teen wearing Sky Marvel will not have to have audio shoes and boots physically connected, reducing the size by up to 42%3.


Rechargeable and robust!


Sky Marvel will sustain even the most adventurous school-age kids. The powerful rechargeable technology guarantees a full day of support, including 10 hours of streaming. They are also robust enough to let kids enjoy the freedom to explore and play, even when life may get a little rough or wet.



1(24% better speech understanding)

1Wolfe, J., Jones, C. & Rakita, L. (2018). Noise technologies: What do kids need and what do they want?, Phonak Field Study News, retrieved from, accessed August 19th, 2019

2Feilner, M., Rich, S., & Jones, C. (2016). Automatic and directional for kids - Scientific background and implementation of pediatric optimized automatic functions. Phonak Insight, retrieved from, accessed August 19th, 2019.

3Comparing Sky M-M vs Sky B-P + Roger 18 (Designed-integrated receiver)