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Support diverse teaching methodologies with the most versatile microphone system.

Roger is the only digital technology that provides full compatibility to most hearing aids and cochlear implants.

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Offer good on Roger Pass-around Mics (052-3261) and Roger Multimedia Hubs (052-3299) only. See full Terms & Conditions below.


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In order to fully participate, every child needs to hear not only the teacher, but also classmates and multimedia devices within the classroom. Watch how Roger ensures students with hearing loss to have the least restrictive access to education.



Education is so much more than lecture teaching! Interactive class discussions and group collaboration have been found to represent 44% of a student’s learning opportunities in school. It is key to provide versatile solutions helping teachers to better engage students. 1

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Teaching has changed in relation to the new technologies. In fact almost 80% of schools report using tablets in the classroom. 2

Roger connects to any smart devices!

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Computers, notebooks, tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Audiobooks, electronic textbooks
Tablets in school

Roger connects to any Sky Marvel, thanks to RogerDirectTM! After the installation of the receiver into the hearing aid, it allows streaming directly without having to attach an external receiver.

Recommending Sky Marvel to parents simplifies and changes the everyday lives of the kids who need and use Roger the most.

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For a world of endless possibilities Roger offers a variety of solutions developed to support diverse teaching methodologies.

With an automatic microphone function, Roger Touchscreen Mic conveniently switches from an individual talker to a small group discussion. In fact, 100% of children preferred listening to peers using Small Group mode during classroom activities compared to using no microphone.3



When class discussions start, a child with hearing loss should not miss out on the questions, answers and comments of classmates. The small Roger Pass-around, either held near the mouth or placed in its table stand, allows not only teachers, but all students to be heard clearly.



Roger MultiMedia Hub allows a teacher’s voice to be heard simultaneously with an audio signal for easy access to audio-visual technologies used by the class or by an individual student.

Roger MultiMedia


Roger SoundField loudspeaker system improves the acoustic environment through amplification of sounds. It effectively distributes sound from the teacher, students and other sound sources throughout the entire classroom.4

Roger SoundField loudspeaker



Offer valid for hearing care professionals only. Not an Audiologist? Click here to find a provider today.

Terms & Conditions:

This Buy Two, Get Two Free offer can only be used for educational institutions who have not purchased accessory microphones in the past. Applies to Roger Pass-around Mics (052-3261) and Roger Multimedia Hubs (052-3299) only. Purchased units are exchangeable. If purchased units are returned, the free units must be also. Purchaser can mix and match units. This program cannot be combined with any other offer on a Purchase Order. Terms, conditions and expiration dates subject to change at any time. While supplies last; subject to product availability. Purchase order must be received by June 30, 2020.

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