Audéo™ Life – the world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid


Proven Paradise performance

Part of the Phonak Audéo Paradise family, Phonak Audéo Life delivers crisp, natural sound1 and is capable of being submerged in up to 1.64 feet of fresh water, salt water or pool water. 

Audéo Life is the ideal solution for those who put their hearing aids under more pressure in physically demanding environments or those looking for a hearing aid that will withstand strenuous activities. 

Waterproof rechargeable hearing aids



Audéo Life highlights

• Waterproof*

• Rechargeable 

• Crisp, natural sound1

• Empowering smart apps

• Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger and more

• Multiple Bluetooth® connections

• Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth functionalities


Phonak Charger Case Go™

The Phonak Charger Case Go is ideal for patients who want to charge their hearing aid on the move. This inductive charger is exclusively designed for Audéo Life. Featuring an internal battery, it can fully charge the hearing aids up to 3 times on a single charge and is easy to use.

Waterproof rechargeable hearing aids


  • Audéo Life could considerably reduce patients' anxiety around water and physical activities.2
  • Audéo Life would motivate 1 in 5 people with untreated hearing loss to obtain their first pair of hearing aids.2
  • Audéo Life would motivate 40% of existing patients to repurchase hearing aids sooner.2

Patient confidence

Audéo Life opens the next chapter in patient confidence as the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid. It has been extensively tested beyond the normal IP68 rating to withstand submersion in not just fresh water, but also salt water and pool water at depths of up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet.

Audéo Life could considerably reduce your patients’ anxiety around water and results in patients having the confidence to interact confidently and fully participate in the activities they enjoy2.


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* up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet

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