Lyric™ literature


For professionals

Product Information: Lyric3

Datasheet: Lyric3

User Guide: Lyric3

The contact lens for your ear

User Guide: Lyric3 programming wand

Form: Lyric Candidacy

Form: Physician Medical Clearance Form

Form: Lyric Chart Notes

Brochure: Lyric

for professionals

Brochure: One need, two solutions

Lyric and Virto B-Titanium

Brochure: Lyric3 Troubleshooting Guide

Brochure: Lyric3 Flip Book

Field Study: Benefits of Lyric3 XXS and XXL

New sizes deliver comfort and acceptance

Field Study: Lyric shows significant psychological benefits

Guide: Lyric fitting guidelines for hearing care professionals

Guide: Lyric™ ALPS Update

Spring 2016

Guide: Lyric Inventory Management

Form: Lyric Device Analysis Return Form

Guide: Lyric Consignment Management Guide

User Guide: Lyric3 programming wand

For consumers

Brochure: Phonak Lyric

for consumers

Guide: Lyric SoundLync Reference


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