Sound Delivery System 4.0 FAQs

How about Naida? Can I fit a SlimTube SDS 4.0 on a Naida B or earlier device?

A: Yes, that is possible since Naida always had the spout with an external thread. However, it is not recommended since the precalculation does not take the new tube diameter into account and the mechanical fit at the transition of the tube interface to the housing is not given.

Can I fit a SDS 4.0 SlimTube onto a Bolero B device or vice versa?

A: No. All Belong and earlier devices had an internal thread. Therefore only SDS 3.0 SlimTubes fit. Bolero M has an external thread.

Can I fit a SDS 3.0 SlimTube onto a Bolero M device or vice versa?

A: No. All Marvel BTEs have a spout with an external thread. Therefore only the new SDS 4.0 SlimTubes fit. Bolero B and earlier had an internal thread.

Q: Is SDS 4.0 backwards compatible?

A: No. SDS 4.0 is compatible with Marvel products only.

Q: Is CeruShield™ Disk compatible with custom earpieces?

A: No. CeruShield™ Disk is only compatible with SDS 4.0 receivers. All custom earpieces still use the existing CeruStop.