Question Prompt Lists



What is a QPL?

Question Prompt Lists resemble Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) information sheets, but focus on asking questions, not providing answers.  QPLs are communication aids created to encourage patients and families to actively participate in discussions, by inviting them to choose the questions(s) they would like to discuss at any given appointment.

Within the Pediatric FCC Steerco, we aimed to develop a QPL for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing that could be used by audiologists to encourage families to engage in both fact-based and adjustment-based questions during audiology appointments. The impetus for developing this QPL was to facilitate more family-centered practices in Early Intervention (EI).

Firstly, the use of a QPL with families provides important social and emotional support by encouraging families to share their questions and concerns about their child’s journey with the audiologist.

Secondly, application of a QPL for this population provides families with the opportunity to ask questions about their child’s diagnosis and EI options (e.g., “Will my child’s hearing get better/worse over time?”) and thus facilitates the process of informed choice and decision making, which is a key role of audiologists in the early identification and diagnosis of childhood hearing loss.


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