LiSN-S and LiSN-S PGA Tests


Spatial auditory information (LiSN-S) and speech-in-noise  assessment (LiSN-S PGA ) tool.

The benchmark in speech-in-noise testing

LISN-S, with its four steps, assesses the ability of individuals with normal hearing to understand speech when there is noise coming from different directions.

LISN-S PGA, with one step, tests the ability of individuals with hearing loss to  understand speech in noise, and recommends the hearing technology that best suits their needs.

Both tests LiSN-S and LiSN-S PGA are available on the same DVD.

Upgrade to the newest version

LiSN-S V2.6 update EXE, 26 MB

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Download the full version

LiSN-S V2.6 full version ZIP, 695 MB


The only tools of their kind

The inability to use spatial information has been found to be a leading cause of auditory processing disorder (APD). LiSN-S enables hearing care professionals to assess individuals with normal hearing in a range of different noise environments. LiSN-S is quick to administer, and has high test-retest reliability.

LiSN-S PGA (Listening in Spatialized Noise test Sentences with Prescribed Gain Amplifier) is a speech understanding in noise test. It offers hearing care professionals reliable, objective evidence of why an individual with hearing loss would need  advanced directional microphones in their hearing technology. LiSN-S PGA is scientifically robust and takes just five minutes to administer.

LISN-S and LiSN-S PGA have been developed by Dr. Sharon Cameron and Dr. Harvey Dillon of National Acoustic Laboratories of Australia (NAL) and is distributed by Phonak.

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