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Phonak Field Study: Roger™ improves speech recognition in noise for cochlear implant users with single-sided deafness

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Adaptive compression results in less listening effort for those with moderate hearing loss

Audiology Online article: Noise Reduction Systems in Complex Listening Situations


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Peer review article: Consensus practice parameter: audiological assessment and management of unilateral hearing loss in children

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Faces of Audiology

Shannon Basham

Audiological excellence is more than just science.

It’s the people that ultimately make the difference:
our global team of audiologists.

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eAudiology incorporates all information and learnings related to telehealth and eHealth facilitating remote support of audiological rehabilitation. Would you like to delve even further into eAudiology?

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Phonak Audiology Blog

The Blog provides insights from experts in hearing healthcare. The latest research and technological innovations as well as clinical best practices are just a click away.

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Family-Centered Care

Family-Centered Care (FCC) means engaging family members in the hearing care conversation. Phonak provides a wealth of online resources to support hearing care professionals implementing FCC.

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