A FAQ about Distance Learning with Phonak

With much of the world conducting distance learning, Phonak has been getting numerous questions on Roger technology and policies. For all our customers who support a student’s distance learning, we hope this FAQ is helpful. Thank you. 

Tech Talk

School is closed until fall. All my Roger transmitters are plugged in. Can I over charge them?

No. No matter if you have a Touchscreen or an old Inspiro or if you have it plugged into the wall directly or into the charging rack – you cannot over charge it. 

Parents need to hear the signal to check how the sound is. How do we do this?

You can get a simple audio Y-splitter to do this (one male end and two ports). You can get one from Phonak [Part Number 038-3107 for $0] or an online retailer.

Plug the male end into the computer, then with a male-to-male 3.5mm cable, plug one end into an open port and the other end into the Roger transmitter (Touchscreen Mic or Multimedia Hub). Next, plug a pair of headphones into the other port. 

This way, a parent can verify their child is getting the Roger signal.

How do I connect Roger to a computer?

Each Roger transmitter can be connected to a multimedia source. The specific ways to do so are unique to the transmitter.  

  • Here is a write up with pictures of how to connect Roger for Education transmitters or Sky Marvel hearing aids to a student’s computer. 
  • This comprehensive website has pdfs to download for various Roger and educational solutions 

What headset do you recommend if a student does not have Roger for use at home?

You want one that has noise cancellation features, stereo sound, and a microphone. A couple choices include:

  • Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset
  • Jabra Evolve 20 UC Stereo

Is there a way to increase the volume on a computer, above 100%?

This will depend on the student’s device type, brand and operating system. One educational audiologist sent us this article. Take a look

How do you clean hearing assistive technology?

Find our instructions for cleaning technology here.

I fit our students with hearing aids. Do Phonak hearing aids have remote support possibilities?

Yes, with Remote Support, patients can access virtual (video call) appointments and receive hearing aid adjustments in real-time, with no need to travel to the location of the Hearing Care Professional (HCP). A Remote Support session takes place over the internet using the client’s Smartphone to connect to hearing aid fitting software in the HCPs office. Hearing aid adjustments can be made by the HCP in the client’s own environment and maintenance, usage and general support counselling may also be provided in the same session. As of April, 2020, this is only available for Marvel hearing aids, specifically Audéo, Bolero, Naida and Virto. 

Here are two resources for you.

Are you offering special pricing on Roger systems or Airstream accessories to schools?

Yes, with our program “At Home with Roger” schools can save on Roger technology and “Hear at Home with Phonak” HCPs and schools can save on Airstream accessories. Both are designed to help you maximized constrained school budgets, while optimizing a student’s multimedia access and listening at an appropriate and safe distance. (Offers valid in the U.S. only.) Talk to the Phonak School Desk customer service team to learn about the specifics. These are limited time offers.

Policies and Support

Do you have a consumer line?

Yes, the Phonak customer care consumer specialists can help you with connectivity questions. Contact them at 800-679-4871 or via email at info@phonak.com.  

What is your repair process?

Families can send repairs directly to Phonak or you can send it and we can send it to a family afterwards. Please reach out to your Phonak rep for instructions.

Are you extending warranties or trial periods right now?

Roger X devices sold to U.S. schools have a two-time courtesy replacement and Sky Marvel’s have a 5-year warranty. At this time, there are no additional extensions or adjustments to standard policies in the U.S. Yet, we know it can be unsettling to loan Roger equipment home for students. Many schools already have a process in place for lending and sending chrome books home with students. Adopting a similar policy on Assistive Technology may be appropriate.

Please talk to you Phonak rep with further questions.

If I purchase equipment from Phonak today, can you ship it to a student’s home?

Yes. We can deliver equipment to a student’s home, this includes Roger mics, airstream accessories, and earmolds. Please reach out to your Phonak rep to learn how. 

Does Phonak offer earmolds to schools?

Yes. You can send impressions to Phonak and have earmolds made for your students. Reach out to your Phonak rep to learn more.

Resources and Courses

Are you offering CEU courses right now?

Yes. We are offering numerous “Stay Connected while Social Distancing” courses as well as other courses to help build up a HCP’s business. Review the courses on phonakpro.com. 

What student or self-advocacy resources are available to my colleagues and I?

There are lots available. The below are free and helpful to children, no matter what brand or type of hearing instrument being used.

Are there instructional videos available?

Yes! Here are a few resources to review. 

Are there online listening simulations available?

Is there a FAQ like this one, but made for parents?

Yes. We know that your families also have questions about technology, self-advocacy and more. On HearingLikeMe, a blog by consumers for consumers, there is a FAQ Blog for parents.