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Fitting that fits you

Phonak Target continues to build upon its foundation of being the world’s favorite fitting software1.  Phonak Target 5.2 includes the new Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct and Phonak Virto™ B hearing aids and offers new opportunities with truly wireless fitting.

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Wireless fitting

Phonak Target 5.2, Audéo B-Direct, and Noahlink Wireless – the new fitting device from HIMSA - enhance the entire fitting experience by leveraging the benefits of direct connectivity. The patented fitting software feature supports the wireless detection and visual identification of left/right hearing aids2.

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TargetMatch, integrated in Phonak Target is an automated guidance system for real ear and test box measurements, developed by Phonak in collaboration with Otometrics. It provides you with a seamless, step by step workflow, guiding you through the process of probe tube placement, obtaining Real Ear and 2cc/test box measurements and automatic or manual target matching. This creates an easy and effective way of incorporating verification into the fitting process.



Easy to use

Phonak Target combines the principles of current software design with the inno­vation and possibility of hearing technology and audiology. The user-centered design provides fast and easy access to all fitting parameters and supports your individual work­flow. You can focus more fully on your client’s needs.



Audibility fine tuning

Online updates

Phonak Target provides you with an easy way to stay current: Start Phonak Target and click on [Updates] in the start screen. Available updates and appropriate information are visible at a glance. You can continue with your work while downloads are processed in the background.

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1 Confirmed by external surveys and the Phonak worldwide customer satisfaction survey 2015.

2 US 8077891 B2; EP 1701585 B1


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