Government Services Literature


This resource has been designed to allow you to view and print PDF files of all our government related literature. To download PDF format literature click the image of the piece you would like.

Form: Government Services Repair Form

025-1076 Government Services Repair Form

Form: Custom Product Order Form

Custom Hearing Aids (Group 1)

Form: BTE, Earmold & Wireless CROS

BTE Digital Hearing Aids (Group 2), Earmolds (Group 5) & Wireless CROS (Group 7)

Form: Form: Phonak RIC and Wireless CROS

RIC Digital Hearing Aids (Group 3) & Wireless CROS (Group 7)

Form: Wireless Accessories & Remote Controls Order Form

Group 4 and Group 6 (VA791-14-D-0016)

Guide: Government Services Price and Policy

Phonak & Unitron

Guide: Government Services DALC Training Guide

Spring 2017

Form: RACHAP Form

Hearing Aid Client Credit Card Authorization Form for New & Repair Charges

Form: Unitron Government Order Form

Group 1 (ITE)

Form: Unitron Government Order Form

Group 2 (BTE)

Form: Unitron Government Order Form

Group 3 (RIC)