Phonak Audéo™ B


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For professionals

Product Information: Government Services: Audeo B

Product Information: Audéo™ B-Direct and Wireless accessories

Datasheet: Audéo B-10

Datasheet: Audéo B-312

Datasheet: Audéo B-312T

Datasheet: Audéo B-13

Datasheet: Audéo B-R

Datasheet: Audéo B-Direct

Datasheet: Audéo B-R Charger and Power Pack

Brochure: Audéo B

for professionals

Guide: Phonak Government Services Product Guide

Introducing Phonak Audéo B90 RICs with the Audéo B90-R

Guide: Phonak Government Services xReceiver & Coupling Guide

RIC xReceiver, Coupling Guide and BTE Coupling Guide

Guide: Phonak Government Services Selection Guide

Brochure: Audéo B

for professionals

Guide: Phonak Belong and Venture

Fact Sheet

For consumers

User Guide: Audéo B

User Guide: Audéo B-R

User Guide: Audéo B-Direct

Quick guide: Phonak Power Pack

Guide: Phonak Mini Charger RIC

Guide: Phonak Charger Case RIC

Untagged PDF: Audéo B

for consumers

Brochure: Audéo B-Direct

for consumers

Guide: Wireless Fact Sheet

Phonak direct connectivity wireless hearing aids


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