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Lyric is only offered by select clinics nationwide, which we understand can make it difficult for audiology students to gain information or experience with Lyric prior to completing their degree. We also understand that faculty in audiology programs may not have had experience with Lyric, as it is not available at many audiology program clinics. Because of those challenges, we have created the Lyric curriculum so that students can gain hands-on understanding of Lyric during the course of their audiology program.

What should participants expect to gain from this course?

  1. Understanding of the foundation of the Lyric hearing device, including history, research and development and design characteristics
  2. Understanding of the requirements for patient candidacy for Lyric
  3. Hands-on experience in sizing and placing Lyric on Lyric Training Ears
  4. Introduction to the programming parameters of Lyric and the ability to listen to Lyric


Participants in this course should not expect completion of this course to result in Lyric certification, nor will this course guarantee access to Lyric in clinical practice.

Compared to the other curriculum offered in the Educational Connections by Phonak series, the Lyric curriculum requires direct support from Phonak staff and has a specific structure to follow. 

Curriculum components

Pre-work/foundational learning:

  1. Upon enrollment, the organizing faculty member will be sent the link to the Keys to Success Lyric Fitting Guidelines document, which they then distribute to each participant in the course. 
  2. The organizing faculty member will also be provided the link and access instructions for the 9 online learning modules. Participation in the modules is tracked – and a participation report will be provided to the faculty member two days prior to the hands-on lab. All students/faculty participating in the hands-on lab for Lyric will need to have completed the online learning modules prior to the hands-on lab experience.


Hands-on lab experience

  1. Participants in the hands-on lab will:
    1. Use and gain experience with magnified loupes
    2. Complete the Lyric sizing process with Lyric Training ears
    3. Program a Lyric hearing device and listen to the device/make changes with SoundLync remote control
  2. Hands-on lab activity requires in-person Phonak Clinical Trainer or Phonak Clinical Manager involvement. 
    1. A virtual option is available when a Phonak support member is not able to be physically present; however, the course participants will need to be physically present in the same room for the hands-on lab in order to use and share the Lyric equipment provided for the course by Phonak.
    2. The Phonak Clinical Trainer or Clinical Manager will demonstrate the Lyric fitting process, observe the hands-on lab and support students/faculty as needed during the lab.
    3. Phonak will loan the required items necessary for the hands-on lab; however, the organizing faculty member will be responsible for returning all items back to Phonak.

Resources provided

Digital resources available once registered for the curriculum

  • 9 Online Foundational learning modules (with participation tracking)
  • Keys to Success Lyric Fitting Guidelines

Loan equipment (requires registration)

  • Hands-on training with Phonak Trainer with all required materials supplied for the hands-on course, including:   
    • 6 Lyric training ears
    • 6 Lyric fitting kits (including insertion tools, sizers, etc.)
    • 6 mannequin heads and stands
    • 6 loupes
    • 6 SoundLync remotes
    • 1 Lyric programming wand
    • 6 Lyric devices

Suggested time commitment

2 weeks

  • Week 1: Online modules – 4 hours 
  • Week 2: 3-hour hands-on training lab*


*Note:The hands-on lab requires scheduling with a Phonak Clinical Trainer or the Phonak/Lyric Clinical Manager. While COVID-19 travel restrictions might not allow the Phonak staff to visit in person, the hands-on lab can still take place with the Phonak staff present virtually. In either case, the participants in the hands-on lab will all need to be present in the same room for the 3-hour hands on training lab.

Recommended number of students/attendees

This program is ideally suited for 6-12 participants.

Loan equipment booking availability

The loan equipment is available to reserve after November 9, 2020*.

*We apologize in advance if your desired date isn’t available as equipment is first come, first served and subject to Phonak staff availability.

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