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Roger technology has the potential to improve a hearing aid wearers ability to hear in background noise, at distances and in reverberant environments.  However, the technology is often underutilized as providers tend to rely on amplification alone and not consider how Roger can be applied in their daily activities for improved hearing.  This course will provide an overview of the technology, case studies of personas who can benefit and listening exercises to internalize the auditory experience.

Resources provided

Downloadable for use anytime

Instructional materials:
  • User guides for the loan devices
  • Rogerpedia 
  • Phonak Offset Protocol (POP)
  • Real-world Roger use case study booklet


Additional resources


Loan equipment (requires reservation)

  • 6 pairs of Audéo M90 RT
    • Size 1 receivers
    • Charging case or 2x4 battery pack 312 batteries

Suggested time commitment

2 weeks

  • Week 1: Review print and online content
  • Week 2: Practice exercises and complete assignments


*Note – while this course was designed to be self-paced and self-guided, the Phonak Clinical Trainers are available to support you with live instruction if requested.

Recommended number of students/attendees

This program is ideally suited for 6-12 participants.

Loan equipment booking availability

The loan equipment is available to reserve after November 9, 2020*. 

*Please note that equipment is first come, first served and your desired date might not be available.

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