Hearing and Learning: Back to School with Phonak (Sept 2020)


This new school year is unique – but together, we can be sure the students and teachers you work with can continue to flourish. With the full Roger for Education portfolio, we can address the hearing and learning needs of all children and especially those with hearing loss – thanks to Roger Soundfield system, Multimedia Hub and Pass-around Mics. In addition with the tried and true Roger Touchscreen Mic, you have an evidenced-based and versatile system that can keep up with the truly dynamic learning environments we have this year.



Presentation: Hearing and Learning: Back to School with Phonak 2020

Supplemental Materials

Guide: How to clean your hearing instruments

Guide: How to connect two output devices from a computer or tablet

Guide: How to connect a Mac to multiple outputs

Guide: How to connect Roger devices to computers and tablets

Appendix: Roger Sanitization Overview

Guide: Sanitization Products for Roger

Covid-19 Guidelines

Guide: Speech-to-text solutions, an overview by See Hear Communication Matters

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Video: Leo Explains Lanyards